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Advantages of Euromon Heat Exchangers include:

  • Self cleaning heat transfer surfaces resulting from high turbulent flow through both the shell and tubes,
  • Zero leakage (no internal gaskets, all welded seams),
  • Suitable for steam heat transfer applications,
  • Completely sanitary for food processing applications,
  • Large product inlet suitable for heating or cooling high viscose and/or contaminated fluids,
  • Working pressure up to 50 atmosphere (725 psi)
  • Exceptionally favourable price / quality relationship.

Typical applications for Euromon Heat Exchangers:

  • Heating of process water with steam,
  • Heating of strong acid and caustic solutions,
  • Ideal for heating process water using waste heat from biogas motors,
  • Heating of fruit syrups,
  • Heating of various oils and bitumen using heat transfer fluids,
  • Cooling of brine with ice water,
  • Cooling of dairy products with ice water or brine,
  • Cooling ketchup,
  • Cooling polluted wastewater.

Please call or email us with any questions you may have for an application specific to your requirements.

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